Who we are

Decatronic Company Leader In The Sector With Private And Confidential Sale ON LINE

Decatronic is the leading national company of electronic equipment for the security market, audio and video surveillance, micro-electronics for investigative / private use and personal defense products.
Our systems are imported, modified, enhanced, improved or designed and produced in our laboratories, to offer customers a wide catalog of professional products that counts more than 1000 articles, with articles and components from companies all over the world, such as United States, Russia, Israel, Japan, England and many others.
This allows us to have all the most professional and performing products on the market while maintaining a constant phase of research and development of each new technology in the sector, always offering a quality standard as high as possible.
Unlike the other companies, our laboratory thanks to highly qualified engineers in the world of electronics and with previous jobs in the official police offices of the State, is able to create or modify, beyond the normally distributed products, any type of electronic equipment also with custom modifications and customizations to satisfy every customer request.
In fact, our managers, through telephone or e-mail contact, will be able to offer you valuable advice by indicating the most suitable article for solving your problems, always guaranteeing the utmost speed and professionalism of every intervention.
Decatronic also through the partnership with the main investigative agencies and countless contacts with specialists in the sector, acquired over decades of activity in the sector, successfully operates in the field of intelligence and investigation both at the public / private level and at the level of espionage / counterintelligence industrial.
Our company also deals with state-of-the-art anti-theft / video surveillance systems for the defense / prevention of individuals and companies in order to prevent and avoid intrusion due to theft or aggression.
In fact, with the help of the most innovative techniques and instruments that the world of technology offers today to the market, Decatronic is able to satisfy every customer's need by offering a tailor-made product while maintaining the maximum discretion that distinguishes our company.
In order to avoid the risk that these technologies have been used against us for years now, the main companies, banks, public and private bodies turn to Decatronic for remediation services.
It is clear that this intervention, carried out regularly over the years, is able to avoid the "leak of highly confidential information", which is often damaging to the companies that cause competition to see their profits decrease.
In fact, our technicians, in addition to carrying out an accurate control through the most complete instrumentation present on the national territory, will issue a certificate of environmental reclamation, confirming the outcome of this analysis also on a legal level.
Decatronic, boasts of a very high experience, because it employs qualified personnel specifically for the requested service:
Security sector
Video surveillance sector
Privacy Protection Sector
Area Environmental remediation from bugs
Private investigation sector
Each sector has trained and qualified personnel ready to solve all your problems
Defensive investigations
Business and Commercial Surveys
Accident and insurance investigations
Patrimonial Investigations
Penal Investigations (Article 38/22 C.P.P.)
Search for Disappeared Persons
Marital Infidelity Checks
Tracing Debtors
Inspections Possession of Motor Vehicles / Boats
Visure, Cadastre, Protests, Failures, ..
Ownership structure, equity investments, constitutive deeds, ..
Unfair competition
Industrial espionage / counterintelligence
Share Infidelity
Infidelity Employees and collaborators
Investigative anti-shoplifting
Environmental, Computer and Telephone reclamation
Family Violence
Stalking, harassment, blackmail, extortion
Anti-Seizure Consultations
Security for events, parties, congresses, etc.
Access control
Anti-theft, Anti-intrusion, Fire-fighting
International investigations
Confidential investigations
Pre-marital investigations
Post-marital investigations
Pre-employment investigations
Youth: track and check, suspect companies