Agenzia Investigativa

Agenzia: La Colombo Ivestigation

The holder of the institute La Colombo investigations, thanks to the long and important experience gained in various investigative sectors of the State Police, collaborated by qualified personnel in the sector, and using cutting-edge technologies, is committed to offering the best services for achieving of your legal objectives, thanks also to the collaboration of IT experts.
Investigations in the Criminal Process.
General informations.
Calligraphic, Dactyloscopic and Tecnophotographic investigations.
Environmental and telephone reclamation.
Transcripts Registrations.
Marital infidelity.
Assessments for and post marriage.
Check for harassment and blackmail.
Investigations for the protection of minors.
Tracing people away.
Tracing assets and domicile.
Investigations tracing debtors.
Pre-employment surveys.
Work infidelity and absenteeism.
Road accidents.
Insurance Fraud.
Various Visure.
Technical advice.
Vip camp.
Address: Via Antonio Gidiuli 62 73100 Lecce
Hours: Always
Telephone: +39 0832 240719