rilevatori di microspie gsm rilevatori di gps auto, microtelecamere detector

Bug detectors and hidden cameras

Detector Of BUG, Cameras And Gps R100

  • rilevatore di microspie telecamere e GPS r100

perfect device to detect bugs and wireless bugs that transmit on frequencies ranging from 1.2G to 2.4G. In addition, this device integrates a viewfinder that uses a matrix of ultra bright LEDs that create a strong reflection from the lenses of a camera that can be easily detected. Looking through the lens you will easily see the reflection of the LEDs of a camera for easy identification. Of light and compact dimensions useful for all those who think they are being spied on. Also suitable for investigators and private agents, to find wireless signals in offices, homes, etc .. In sound detection mode, the device emits a sound that increases in intensity when approaching the source. Equipped with a telescopic antenna for a better reception sensitivity.