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with 2 Full HD 1080P cameras and 5 inch LCD monitor

DVR module on sd card with full 1080 high resolution camera and audio video input for second camera, loop recorder function, motion, g.shock. 5-inch ultra-thin LCD monitor. Module for universal use, excellent for dash cams, great for cars, campers, home doors, etc.
-5 inches full HD 1080P ultra-thin and a clearer view.
- video resolution: FHD 1920 × 1080, HD 1280 × 720, VGA 640 × 480.
-H. 264 memory compression, super wide angle lens, video support at the same time.
- -It adopts a technology to improve night vision WDR dynamic range.
- Automatic start function giving it power.
-25/30 frames per second for video.
- Supports TF memory card, up to 32 GB (not included).
- Support loop-recording video loop, MOTION function motion detector.
- collision sensors (G-sensor.
-built-in 400 mAh lithium polymer battery, standby time: About 2 hours.
1 Wide-angle camera with flat 170 ° opening cable
2 camera on cable with a 3,5 120 ° opening jack
Rating class Requirements: class 6 or higher
Decoding format: H.264
Video format: MOV
Video Resolution: 1080P (1920 × 1080)
Picture format: JPEG
image resolution: 12 M (4000 × 3000)
Audio system: built-in microphone / speaker (AAC)
White Balance Mode: Auto
Loop-recording: Yes
Recording Loop-Time cycle: 1 min, 3 min, 5 min
Motion Detection: yes
Night vision: yes
G-sensor: Yes
WDR: Yes
Interface type: AV-in, memory card slot External, USB 2.0
Language: English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Pilipino, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

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Temperature range: -50-110 Degrees Celsius
Dimensions: 48.5 * 40mm / 1.91 * 1.57 inch
temperature control mode: ON / OFF
Temperature Resolution When is 0.1, the resolution is -9.9 ~ 99.9, another temperature segment is 1
Adjustment accuracy: 0.1
Precision Hysteresis: 0.1
Update frequency: 0.5S
High temperature protection 0-110
Power supply: DC 12V
Static current: 35mA, obtain 65mA of current
Output voltage: 12V DC
Output power: Relay 20A
Measurement input: NTC (10K 0.5%) Waterproof sensor
Environmental requirements: -10 ~ 60 humidity 20% -85%
material: Metal, plastic

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Relay Timer Timer Module With Relay And DC12V Card


It is a countdown module with high precision, stable and reliable performance.
Adjustment by trimmer, activation via 2 contacts
  the module will start working when the two contacts are shorted, if it is necessary for the module to work immediately after switching on, leave the terminals short.
There is a wide time interval, the delay time is adjustable from 1 second to 99 seconds or from 1 minute to 99 minutes; use a jumper to select the seconds / minutes.
Designed with an LED display that will show the delay time.

Technical specifications:
Voltage: D12V
Load capacity: 10 A 250 VAC; 10A 30V DC
Delay time: 1 ~ 99 Sec. / 1 ~ 99 Min. (Adjustable)
Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 18 mm / 2.75 x 1.57 x 0.7 "

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Photoresistor With Relay 5/12 Volt

The light intensity setting is adjustable
Power supply: 5 V / 12 V DC
Load capacity: 10 A / AC 250 V or DC up to 30 V.
RED LED ON: indicates ignition
BLUE LED on: relay active
The module's output terminal has three ports
Normally open (NO)
Common terminal (COM)
Normally closed (NC)
Size: 30MM * 53MM

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Rele 'Module 1 Channel Wireless IR Remote Controller 12V DC

Operating voltage: DC12V
Remote distance: 8 m
LED indicator
Battery: CR2025 (batteries are not included.)
Color: As shown
With 3 mm fixed screw holes it is easy to install.
Interface module: Food and wine 9 - 13V anode, cathode-GND input power
The middle of three doors is public, it can be normally open and normally closed with the other.
The circuit is isolated before the output and the input of the relay.
Remote control to use the chip and the NED UPD6122 encoding format,
The frequency is 38K.
Remote control code for the user: OxOOFF
Key value: "ON" --- 40, "OFF" --- 19
Battery: CR2025
Weight: 33g
Dimensions of the relays: 5 (L) x 2 (W) x1.8 (H) cm
Remote control size: 4 (L) x 0.7 (W) x 8.5 (H) cm
Packing included: 1 x relay relay module
1 x remote control

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Rain Water Moisture Sensor Module With Relay Power Supply 12V


This is a rain, plant leaf humidity sensor that can be used for all kinds of weather monitoring.
High quality FR-04 material, large area of 5.0*4.0cm, nickel plating surface has better oxidation resistance, electrical conductivity, and longer service life.
High power relay module can directly control load such as motor.
Sensitivity can be adjusted by potentiometer in order to control relay in different moisture level.
Designed with indicators that will clearly show the power state and switch state.

Power Supply Voltage: 12V
Quiescent Current: 5~12mA
Relay Load Capacity: 250V 10A(AC);  30V 10A(DC)

Nano GSM Bug Module and AGPS / WIFI Locator 5V Power Supply

1. model: ZX620
2. Bare pcb MODULE with integrated wifi antenna and GSM antenna
3. Power supply: 3.7V-4.2V
4. absorption: 5W
5. Chip: MT6261A / D + MTK5931
6. Functions: environmental listening / agp tracking, sd card audio recording (optional)
7. dimensions: 22mm x 13mm
8. MEMS Otophone Microphone

Miniaturized GPS Module 5V power supply

GPS module
1. GPS locator controlled by APP or PC
2. Geo-location function, with alarm outside the area
3. SOS button
4. all alarm settings are made from a mobile phone via APP
5. possibility of listening to the environment with an ultra-sensitive microphone.
1. model: M620
2. Bare pcb MODULE with integrated gps antenna and gsm antenna
3. power supply: 5V
4. absorption: 5W
5. Chip: MT6261A / D + MTK5931
6. Functions: real-time tracking, history, location GEO, SOS button.
7. dimensions: 23mm x 40mm

Nano Spy 85/115 MHz FM Module

Exceptional super module Microspia of very small size (2cm x 1cm), has a very sensitive microphone, captures a coin that falls to 30 meters, transmits everything on the FM radio frequency, so you can receive with any scanner or FM radio standard, it feeds with 3V button batteries, or various types of batteries, or 9V.
Depending on the power supply and the antenna used it can transmit within 100/200 meters in open field, the distance is reduced depending on the obstacles, given its small size can be hidden everywhere, and can also take power from 'object that hosts it thanks to its margin of power that is included from 2 to 9V
Technical features:
Supply voltage: DC 2V- 9V
Current consumption: 9mA (3V test)
Transmission distance: open field 100 meters, 50 meters with obstacles (test with 3v voltage, increasing the voltage increases the flow)
Operating frequency: 85MHZ --- 115MHZ (Real test 99-101)
Frequency regulation: adjustable condenser
Output impedance: 50 ohms
Dimensions: 2 cm * 1 cm (L * W)

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Power Supply Module 220V 5V 600/700 MA

Exceptional power supply modules with 100 / 220V input and 5V output, two models the first with a power of 600mA and the second with 700mA
model size 1 600mah 3 x 2 x1.5cm
model size 1 -700mah 3 x 2 x1.8cm

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Ultra Micro Cam 01 modulo universale

Exceptional ultra micro color camera with white led illuminator working with a cmos ov 1/18 chip. with size of; 4 x 4mm, the resolution is 820 * 625 (100000pixel), supports ntsc / PAL. 90-degree angle, color images are of high quality. This micro camera is the best that the micro electronics presents on the market!

MIC404 New Miniature Otofone Microphonic Capsules

The new OTOFONI MEMS microphones with analogue output, offer the new generation of microphones, have features such as high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), low power consumption, lower door positioning, wide frequency response ranges and are supplied in containers of compact size. Both INMP401 and INMP404 contain the MEMS microphone, an impedance converter and an output amplifier. They are ideal for near-field and far-field applications and the omni-directional analog microphones MEM MIC401 and MIC404 are designed for a range of mobile applications requiring low power and high overload (AOP) sound point such as mobile devices, digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets , videophones and teleconferencing systems. high audio quality compared to the normal capsules used.

Universal Lens From 2.8mm to 12mm With Angle up to 120 °

This useful, 2.8-12mm lens, with a wide 108 Degree -31.2 Degree viewing and IR capability has a standard M12x0.5
Thread with an aperture of F1:1.4 and is suitable for 1/3 inch CCD chipsets and 1/2.5 inch IP camera.
The manual focus lens can be used to tailor the camera to the exact requirements of the chosen application
Focal-Length(mm): 2.8~12mm
Format(Inch): 1/2.5 inch
Aperture(D/f'): 1/1.4
Mount Standard: M12
Horizontal Field: 108 Degree -31.2 Degree 
Dimension(mm): Diameter 28.6x44.8
Weight: 40g
M.O.D(m): 0.2
Zoom: Manual
Focus: Manual
Iris: Fixed
Back Focal-Length(mm): 6.39
Operating Temperature: -20~+80degree centigrade
Package Contents: 1 * M12 2.8-12mm lens

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(2.4 ghz) Exceptional 4-channel audio video transmitter module with small dimensions powered from 3.3 to 5.5V 10mW for a range of up to 100 meters as the crow flies
- 3.3V 5.5V power supply
- Absorption: at 3.3v, 85mA
- Transmission power: 10mW
- Transmission frequency: 2.4 Ghz
- Signal transmitted: audio + video
- Weight: 1.72 grams
- Range: 30/100 meters in open field
- dimensions: 18mm x 19mm x 3mm
- 4 cm antenna
- Outgoing frequencies:
- Channel1 = 2.414GHz
- Channel2 = 2.432GHz
- Channel3 = 2.450GHz
- Channel4 = 2.468GHz
(1.2 ghz) Exceptional 4-channel audio-video transmitter module of small dimensions powered from 7V to 9V 10mW for a range of up to 100 meters as the crow flies
- power supply from 7V to 9V
- Absorption: at 8v, 50mA
- Transmission power: 10mW
- Transmission frequency: 1.2 Ghz
- Signal transmitted: audio + video
- Weight: 1.50 grams
- Range: 30/100 meters in open field
- dimensions: 13mm x 14mm x 3mm
- 11cm antenna

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