sistemi di antifurto wireless per casa con combinatore gsm

Home burglar alarm

Home / Office Wireless Alarm With GSM Telephone Combiner

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A wireless alarm system, complete and suitable for every need, can be installed on houses, apartments, offices, shops, even on several floors. The sensors contained in the kit warn you in case of door / window / shutter opening; motion detection even in total darkness; SOS request with life saving remote control; power supply interruption or battery depletion.
It is possible to extend the degree of protection of the system by adding other types of sensors in our shop. It also supports the connection of up to 7 wired sensors. To underline the fact that the control unit is compatible with any type of wireless or wired sensor on the market.
The choice of an alarm for your home or business is a very important factor on which you have to make the appropriate assessments to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Our anti-theft line is at the top for quality and innovation.
Our alarm systems, in addition to being noticed for their innovative aesthetics, have the most advanced and innovative functions in terms of safety and are characterized by an excellent quality-price ratio.

 prezzo: 160,00 iva comp. 

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