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Investigation service

Leader in the field of security and investigation
It offers the client information services to direct it in the right direction to solve a problem, offering the possibility of using a simple product or for more problematic cases investigative collabation using the best investigative agencies in the country, offering a 360 ° service to its customers, always maintaining professionalism and discretion.

Marital Infidelity

The survey on marital infidelity is activated following in-depth assessments with the client, useful to define an investigative project in relation to the economic investment to be sustained and to the investigative actions necessary to reach the indicated objective. The purpose of the assignment is the search for useful evidence to document conjugal infidelity.
The report produced by the detective agency can be used in a possible dispute of separation or divorce.
Fidelity is probably one of the conjugal duties that has undergone, in law, the most important changes. The concept of "loyalty" as a prohibition on having intimate relationships with a person other than the spouse has been extended and more defined. The duty of fidelity can be violated even in the absence of an extramarital affair. The Cassation declared that loyalty "consists in the commitment that falls on each spouse, not to betray mutual trust or not to betray the relationship of physical and spiritual devotion between spouses" and that "fidelity fidelity becomes a component of a fidelity broader that translates into the ability to know how to sacrifice personal choices to those imposed by the bond of the couple and the association that is based on it ".

Parental Control.

One of the biggest problems in adolescence concerns companies that do not always appear to us as positive; maybe we see guys a bit 'stragglers, with families sometimes not recommendable or with looks that distance themselves from our vision. First of all it is important to "know" who our children's friends are; this involves avoiding a brief, hasty and little detailed knowledge, which would only contribute to nurturing in the boy the belief that you parents nourish antipathies based on nothingness. Exactly why you explain to your child that it is important for you to know with whom he goes out, to be more relaxed, but above all to share an important part of his life. If even after a thorough knowledge you find the unsuitable friends to be with your child, do not place plateaus and bans, which of course most of the time will not be heard, but rather it will be just one more rule to break. So explain very calmly the motivations (if they are valid) that push you not to consider a suitable person, but do not press because you do not frequent it; explain to the boy that he is mature enough to choose who to attend, but this must be done by respecting the rules that the family imposes. As always, even more so in adolescence, it is important to get around the obstacle rather than face it with a hard muzzle.

We have a great deal of experience in the investigative field, we use highly technological products and highly qualified personnel, we operate in full compliance with the legal requirements.
we offer an extremely transparent, specialized service and in compliance with the laws and new privacy regulations.

On behalf of the Legal Services, the following services are provided:

Research and identification of evidence to clear the client.
Appropriate acts suitable for the prevention of pollution of the tests. Relations with people who
they can provide useful information to the test and suitable to exonerate the assisted person. Visits to prisoners for
account of the lawyers for the purpose of searching for evidence and elements useful for the investigation.
Specific technical consultations at the request of lawyers or at the disposal of the A.G.
In Civil and Criminal matters referred to in Law 8.7.1980 number 319


We know how important privacy is to you, with our systems we are able to perform deleted sms recovery and any other data without viewing the content of your media, in fact the data once acquired are directly burned to a CD / DVD or on a pen drive. You can make the delivery of the media in person, even with express service in a few hours, send your support or take advantage of our free pick-up service by courier at the address indicated. The return of the support and of the recovered data is always at our expense, it can be sent to an alternative address also by post-rest stop in the authorized offices.
How many times in the past it happened to have accidentally deleted a photo, or a text message or a video from our mobile phone and then tried in vain to recover it.
The old cell phones, I'm talking about those sold until a few years ago, were made in such a way that once deleted any file, this would be practically almost irrecoverable.
I say "almost" because only with sophisticated equipment it was then possible to analyze each memory cell (or sim) looking for recoverable data.
With the advent of the latest generation of so-called "smartphones", all is not lost if something is deleted (eg photos, videos, text messages, contacts, notes, etc. ...).
In fact, the memory management of these phones (eg iPhone, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, etc ...) is identical to the one we have on our home computers or laptops: when you delete something, what is deleted is not the file for itself, but only its connection and its visibility.
That file (photo, sms, video ...) is not deleted but remains in memory until it is overwritten by some other file or information.
That's why, if we've recently deleted something by mistake, it's possible using mobile data recovery software, scanning the memory and recovering everything that is still in memory.