telecamere per la sicurezza e l'investigazione miniaturizzate

Micro hidden cameras - wi-fi - SD Card

Glasses with color spy camera with microphone

Ideal spy camera to record meetings that are inconvenient or often private, small and almost invisible no one will notice the camera, since it is inserted inside the glasses. Suitable for detectives, sports investigations, journalists, nature lovers, etc. ..... this new version is in fact among the best absolute in the market both for quality that this time stands out from other models for HD video resolution.
The glasses incorporate a micro-camera equipped with a high resolution CMOS color sensor with microphone and digital video and audio microrecorder
Technical specifications
Video form: AVI
Video coding: M-JPEG
Resolution: AVI, 720 * 480 - 1080 jpg
Software: Operating systems or traditional video playback software
Picture format: JPG
Support for maximum 8GB SD recording with glasses
Support system: Windows XP me / 2000 2003 / vista, windows 7,8,10
Battery: High capacity lithium polymer battery

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Black Man / Woman Polo Shirt With Button With Color Microtelecamera With Audio 16 Giga

  • 16 Giga
  • 16 Giga
  • 16 Giga
  • 16 Giga
  • 16 Giga
  • 16 Giga

Ideal spy camera for recording meetings that are not very opportune or often private, small and almost invisible nobody will notice the camera, since it has to be inserted instead of the button of a pole. It will be enough to stick the head of the micro-camera in the pole's loop, without arousing suspicion. The keys for the controls are easily accessible and practical to use in anonymity.
after purchase, communicate the model of the polo shirt if you are a woman or a man and the respective size
Features and technical specifications:
1/4 COMS image sensor
AVI video format
MPEG-4 compression format
Video encoding 640 * 480.720 * 480.1280 * 960 VGA
Video frame rate 30 FPS
Picture format JPG 1280 * 960
The 4: 3 image ratio
Working time Approximately 2 hours
Power supply for DC-5V charging
Battery type High capacity lithium polymer
Operating temperature <50 ℃
Dimensions (mm) 107 * 107 * 45mm
  TF card slot (16 Giga INCLUDED)

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Color Microtelecamera With Audio In Remote Control Car 16 Giga

  • 16 Giga
  • 16 Giga
  • 16 Giga

Car remote control with video camera and spy camera, which is able to record up to 16GB of video and photos. this fantastic room, you can record videos or take pictures without being seen. It is capable of recording high quality color video at a resolution of 640 x 480 (vga) and 30 fps. After registration, simply connect the device to the PC via the USB port to access your movies. thanks to its shape it can be used anywhere: you can carry it in your hand, place it on a desk or on any other shelf. it can be used as a normal USB memory device to carry your computer's data. camcorder camera style remote control car. technical features color sensor cmos auto white balance adjustment photo format: jpeg photo resolution: 1280x960 (1.2mp) video format: avi video frame rate: 30 fps video resolution: 640x480 (vga) supports avi video format aspect ratio: 4: 3 can be used as a USB storage device memory capacity micro sd 16gb charge voltage: dc 5v power supply: internal rechargeable battery 280 mah maximum recording time: 60-90 minutes
package contents 1. Keyring with hidden micro-camera 1. USB cable for charging / downloading videos and photos 1. 5V power supply for charging 1. 16Giga memory

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Mini Camera For Drone, Surveillance FPV 1000TVL From 2.8mm To 12mm 5V 108 ° M 22.5mm

Alimentazione: 5V
Consumo: 55mA@ 5v
Lux: 0.08Lux/ F1.2
Sensore: 1/3 "CCD
Format: NTSC/PAL
Risoluzione: Ultra High Definition 1000TVL
PAL: 976H X 582V
NTSC: 976H X 494V
Lente: 2.8mm/12mm
angolo visuale: fino a 108 °
temperatura di lavoto: 0 to 40°C
Dimensioni: 28 * 24.5 * 17.5mm ( senza obiettivo)
peso totale con obiettivo 30.06 grammi
caratteristiche obiettivo:
obiettivo da 2.8-12 mm, con un'ampia visibilità di 108 gradi -31,2 gradi e capacità IR, ha uno standard M12x0,5
apertura F1: 1.4 ed è adatto per CCD da 1/3 di pollice e telecamera IP da 1 / 2,5 pollici.
messa a fuoco manuale
Lunghezza focale (mm): 2,8 ~ 12 mm
Formato (pollici): 1 / 2,5 pollici
Apertura (D / f '): 1 / 1,4
Mount Standard: M12
Campo orizzontale: 108 gradi -31,2 gradi
Dimensione (mm): diametro 28,6x44,8
M.O.D (m): 0,2
Zoom: manuale
Focus: manuale
Iris: risolto

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Camera In Water Bottle

[Hidden Camera 1080P] Water-bottle-shaped camera, so no one will notice it's a camera. Easy to use, by clicking once on the button, the recording is activated.
[Motion Detection] Equipped with the motion detection function, when the sensor senses movement in the field of view it is activated, recording the images.
[Recording with Audio] Built-in microphone allows you to record with audio. Supports SD card up to 32GB.
[Rechargeable] Equipped with a 400mAh lithium battery, rechargeable via USB cable (supplied), it can record continuously for about 180 minutes at full charge.
[High Quality Material] Constructed of food material that can withstand temperatures up to 60 ° C, it can be used as a normal bottle of water.
Full HD 1080P video resolution, 2 megapixel high definition
Equipped with a motion sensor
Built-in battery, rechargeable via USB cable
Supports SD card up to 64GB
Video resolution: 1080P, 1920x1080
Battery capacity: 400 mA
Video work time: 180 minutes
Memory: SD card up to 32GB
Weight: 265g

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Multi-function GSM/GPRS/MMS Spy Camera

  • kit
  • kit

Exceptional audio video color camera, with advanced functions and control via GSM mobile phone, by means of messages you send a command to choose the desired function. Great as an alarm, or for minor control, elderly, or simply to monitor your home or office. It works with a common GSM / GPRS SIM and a Micro SD card to store all data.
Main features:
1) Works with a MASTER number
2) Audio / video recording activation By SMS
3) Audio recording activation by SMS
4) Ability to take a picture With an SMS sent from our mobile phone to the number in the camera, a photo will be saved and saved on the memory card, if the SIM has activated the MMS system will also send the photo to the master number
5) Environmental listening and VOX automatic recall
6) possibility to know the status of the device: batt. gsm / gprs signal
7) Possibility to format the memory card remotely
network: GSM / GPRS
GPS bands: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
memory card support: Max. 16 GB TF card (4 GB included)
Video resolution: 320x240
photo resolution: 640x480
5V power supply
Battery: Built-in 3.7V 2000mAh li-ion
charging time: 6 hours
Standby time: over 30 days
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Micro Motion Detect Camera Infrared Sd Card CAM101pro

SUPER SMALL SPY CAMERA: The hidden spy camera has a size of 2.9 x 2.9 x 1.1 cm and weighs 9.1g. VERY SMALL AND LIGHT !!! This makes it perfect for concealment. When this spy camera is installed, it is not detectable.
HD 1080P RECORDING: This micro camera can record 1080P high definition video. High definition recordings make the video much clearer and more vivid, which makes the camera suitable for different purposes.
LONG-TERM RECORDING: This spy camera can support the 4-32G memory card (memory card not included). When connecting an external power source, 24 * 7 registration can be achieved. No vital evidence will be lost.
SPECIAL FEATURES: This spy camera has special features including 【Revelation Movement】 【Night Vision】 【Video Loop】. When set to 24 * 7 recordings, motion detection can record when motion is detected, looped video saves storage space and night vision ensures that clear and vivid video is recorded even at night.
EASY TO USE: This compact hidden mini spy camera is designed for easy use. An on / off switch, a switch for recording / detecting movement. This camera does not have a built-in battery, because many mini spy-cameras have a very small battery that is not able to run for a very long time. So this camera has made evolutionary changes to make this work longer, for better results.

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Camera SPY CAM12hd Autonomy 12 hours continuously Resolution 1260x960

Exceptional super mini color camera with high definition microphone. with high performance lenses, this camcorder records 1280x960 HD video and audio, clearly capturing faces. And when you want to take a snapshot, just press the button.
Great for the safety of your home or car, very easy to use because it uses the one-button system. With a built-in lithium battery, recording will last for 12 hours continuously.
Video resolution: 1280 * 960
Battery capacity: 2000mA
Autonomy in registration: 12 hours continuous !!
Memory: 32 GB
Dimensions: 60 * 35 * 20mm
Video format: AVI

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MICRO CAMERA FULL HD 1080 With Motion Detect, infrared, loop recording

Exceptional super mini color camera with high definition microphone. Built with high performance lenses, this camcorder records 1280x960P HD video and audio, capturing faces clearly. And when you want to take a snapshot, just press the button.
After enabling the motion detection recording mode, you will only get the vital clips to make the most of your storage space. With a built-in lithium battery, recording will never be stopped if the device is charging. But with the battery it can work around 1 hour on a single charge. This camera supports up to 32 GB of space
Video resolution: 1080P (1920 x 1080)
Photo resolution: 12M (4032 x 3024)
functions: Motion detec - loop recording - infrared
Battery capacity: 450mAh Li-ion battery
Autonomy in registration: 150min
Supported SD: 32 GB
Dimensions: 41 * 30 * 19 mm
Video format: AVI

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MICRO CAMERA High Definition 1280 With Motion Detect

Exceptional super mini color camera with high definition microphone. Built with high performance lenses, this camcorder records 1280x960P HD video and audio, capturing faces clearly. And when you want to take a snapshot, just press the button.
After enabling the motion detection recording mode, you will only get the vital clips to make the most of your storage space. With a built-in lithium battery, recording will never be stopped if the device is charging. But with the battery it can work around 1 hour on a single charge. This camera supports up to 32 GB of space
Video resolution: 1280 * 960
Battery capacity: 100mA
Autonomy in registration: 60min
Supported SD: 32 GB
Dimensions: 52 * 21 * 12 mm
Video format: AVI
Weight: 69g

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What do boys do all day? Has anyone entered? Is the baby sitter reliable? It's time to stop worrying about what happens when you're not there! Discreetly camouflaged by a functional USB battery charger, this hidden security camera records everything that happens in your home or office. This small hidden camera with a fair profile has no flash, so you can capture large views without causing suspicion. With its 1080P HD resolution, continuous recording or moving mode, the spy safety camera will let you leave the house without worries and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything that happens while you're away is recorded in video! Features - Record and Recharge Simultaneously - 1080P Resolution Camera - Wide Angle HD Lens - Video Capture with Little Light, Dual Mode: Continuous Recording and Motion Activation - Cell Phone Charger - Included. Compatible with Android Systems and iOS MULTI-USONon miss a minute of what's happening in your home or office! Simply turn on the camera to record hours of HD video, then connect it to your computer to watch and save footage. With dual recording modes, you can customize it as you wish, switching from continuous mode to motion detection. This small camera is also a USB charger for mobile phones, so you can charge your device while you register. Traveling With its compact size and practical USB charging function, this portable spy camera can be a trusted travel companion. Leave it in your hotel room while you're not there to check your stuff all day!
Main features:
Video Format: AVI
Video coding: M-JPEG
Video Resolution: 1920 * 1080
Horizontal Clarity: 420 (TVL)
Minimum illumination: 0.001 (Lux)
Lens: 3.6 (mm)
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SPIA HD CAM300 camera Autonomy 3 Days

  • pronta consegna
  • pronta consegna

Exceptional small-size 70x55x25 micro camera, with a powerful battery that allows it to work for over 72 hours, and is equipped with motion detection system, that records only in case of movement, has a high-definition color camera that can record at 720 x 480 30fps, or to function as an environmental audio recorder, it has shielded magnets for easy installation.
Thanks to its very small size and its completely harmless appearance we can easily insert this micro-camera into any object of daily use, or leave it in sight,
maybe camouflaging it in the middle of other small gadgets in any environment. The small spy device is able to work in complete silence and without any indicator light on.
This device is particularly suitable to finally know who in our absence rummages in our drawers in the office or at home, or we have to make hidden shots of an important meeting, or for professional investigative use, the situations in which this small video surveillance device is applied really many.
- Record Audio
- Record audio video in "motion detecting" mode ie only if a movement is detected
16 Giga internal memory
Separate voice recorder function
Motion detection
High definition video / audio
Video AVI Format 720 x 480 High resolution 30fps
Easy connection with PC / laptop, no driver needed
USB Plug & Play Compatible
Built-in high-capacity rechargeable lithium polymer battery
autonomy over 72 hours
Shielded magnets
Dimensions 70x55x25 mm

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CAM1000 Color Microphone CCD 1000 TV Lines

Exceptional Miniaturized color camera, with CCD technology, with a resolution of 1000 TV lines, features a 2.8mm lens for 110 degree shooting, unique in its kind allows shooting in high definition, with its standard output can be connected to any video recorder, excellent coupled to our mini DVR1.
Power supply: 5V
Consumption: 55mA @ 5v
Lux: 0.08Lux / F1.2
Sensor: 1/3 "CCD
Format: NTSC / PAL
Resolution: Ultra High Definition 1000TVL
PAL: 976H X 582V
NTSC: 976H X 494V
Lens: 2.8mm
visual angle: 110 °
working temperature: 0 to 40 ° C
Dimensions: 28 * 24.5 * 17.5mm
Lens size: 17mm * 14mm
Weight: 10.4g

Ultra Micro Cam 01 modulo universale

Exceptional ultra micro color camera with white led illuminator working with a cmos ov 1/18 chip. with size of; 4 x 4mm, the resolution is 820 * 625 (100000pixel), supports ntsc / PAL. 90-degree angle, color images are of high quality. This micro camera is the best that the micro electronics presents on the market!

Mini Cam 02A modulo universale

 Micro Telecamera Day & Night solo 9x9mm. Piccolissima cimice con Video ed Audio, con risoluzione 480 Linee, sensibilità 0.008lux, angolo visivo di 55 gradi.

tanta nano tecnologia in unaTelecamera alta definizione di dimensioni microscopiche e super-leggera solo 2g

Mini Cam 02 infrarossi modulo universale

It is an ultra-small CCTV high-definition camera with excellent night vision.
The dimensions are 15X15X15mm, the weight is 3g! Very easy to install and hide.
The minimum illumination is 0.0lux, which can be clearly displayed in almost complete darkness.
PAL system with resolution of 520 TV lines.
You can use it for home and business security, shops, pubs and restaurants, shipyards, boats, marine use, sporting use, wildlife, farms, stables and schools, surveillance and secret use, kindergartens and kindergartens, etc.