Personal safety

TW1000 Lady Pepper Spray

Professional Pepper Spray
The TW1000 Lady Pepper Spray is a product especially dedicated to women.
Perfect for Female Personal Defense
This product, thanks to the power of 2 million Scoville, has very powerful effects when used in the right way. The can has a size of 9 cm and can also be used as a key ring, so you always keep it with you if you need it.
Effective Legal Urticant Spray
Cast 3 meters
Quantity 20 ml
Dimensions 9 cm Pocket Size
Degree of Spice 2,000,000 Scoville
Number of Jets Up to 10
Content 10% O.C. + Capsaicin 2.5%
The product is legally sold to people over 16 years. We recommend keeping away from children.
Legal and FREE SALE to the over 16 years on Italy. Complies with D.M. May 12, 2011, 103