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Spy audio-video micro voice recorder


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Keychain With Professional Audio Recorder PT100cromo

Exceptional recording quality: the digital voice recorder records at 192 kbps, captures within a range of about 6-15 m and captures well in windy conditions. You can listen to crystal clear audio using this hidden voice recorder.
Compatibility with Mac and Windows software: it can be downloaded on Mac or PC without any hitch, thanks to the 8 GB flash drive it will be easy to transfer files to Mac or PC. (Note: Mac users need VLC media player, which is a free download).
Simple and easy to use: just turn on the voice-activated recorder, this USB recording device can be used as a keychain, which makes it prefect for discreet recording even hidden. Ideal for office, school, lessons and personal dictation. Notice: the format types are MP3, WMA and WAV files.
MP3 player and long recording time: used as an MP3 player and mini voice recorder, it has 8 GB of internal memory that allow it to store up to 496 hours of recording, supports 20 hours of continuous recording.
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Pen with Professional Audio Recorder PEN100 16 Giga 30 Hours

Audio micro recorder Spy inserted in a pen
▶ HIGH QUALITY AUDIO - This 192Kbps digital recorder features good de-noising technology, so as to offer clear and sharp recordings.
▶ EXCELLENT LIGHT - Voice recorders hidden in a normal ballpoint pen, writes like a real pen, with a hidden LED indicator.
▶ QUICK RECORDING - No complicated operations. Just press the button at the top of the recorder to start recording and press it again to save the recording.
▶ LONG LIFE 30 HOURS - Built-in 90mAh rechargeable lithium battery capable of recording about 30 continuous hours and a 16 GB capacity capable of storing approximately 240 hours of audio recording file. Great for lessons, meetings, conversations, spying.
▶ SUPPORT - Compatible with Windows XP / 7/8/10 and Mac. With a free one-year manufacturer warranty

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Professional VOX Audio Recorder with S1000 Encrypted Protection System

Spy Micro Audio Recorder: Meticulously designed to be discreet and effective, this professional spy gadget is the best solution for all your surveillance and recording needs. Not only does it have a super-advanced voice-activated microphone that records HD audio quality, a versatile audio format and a battery that lasts even longer, but also has unique features: the recordings are CRIPTED so that no one has access to your protected files
100% DISCRETE: without lights, lights or other tell-tale signals to indicate that this object is actually an audio recording device. In addition to its excellent professional features, this super small device (dimensions of only 31 × 27 × 11mm / 8g) is practically invisible to an inexperienced eye.

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Samsung USB cable Or Iphone With Micro voice recorder hidden

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Micro professional recorder, this device was produced just to meet our customers who are looking for an ultra-miniature recorder on the Italian market, but with a lot of recording autonomy. As is well known all the small recorders on the market although they are really small have a 'autonomy of just 10-15 hours and then download, in this version instead the recorder is hidden in a normal USB cable for charging phones, and once connected to any form of power supply (power supply of the mobile phone or external batteries power bank or usb ports of the pc) automatically the recorder performs two functions, the regular recharge of the mobile phone, and the recording on sd card continuously with automatic overwriting. The device is equipped with a micro sd slot where to save the recordings made. A micro spy recorder not to hide just enough to leave it in plain sight so that it registers silently, no LEDs during recording, with a panoramic microphone that captures sounds and words up to 7 meters from the point where the recorder is located.
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Voice Recorder S10A

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Mini audio recorder that can be used to record an interview, a lecture at the University or a meeting, a conference or an interview just to give some examples. You can record what you want in a completely discrete way ... You can "place" it in the pocket of a jacket, inside a bag or under a desk just to give some examples. With S10A you can record audio memos on the fly so as not to lose important information, thus eliminating the impossibility of being able to take notes in particular situations.
Excellent MP3 player for listening to music.
Technical features:
1. Size: 95 * 20 * 13.5mm
2. LCD screen: digital LCD screen
3. USB port: USB.2.0 high speed
4. Battery: 3.7V / 350MA li-battery
5. Music: MP3: 8 KHz-48 KHz 8Kbps-320 Kbps
WMA: 32 KHz-48 KHz 48Kbps-192 Kbps
6. Registration: LQ: 32 Kbps, HQ: 128 Kbps
7. headphone output: 3.5mm stereo jack
8. Maximum: 10 Mw + 10 Mw (320hm)
9. Frequency: 20Hz to 20KHz
10. SNR:> 70db
11. working temperature: -5-40degree
12. Weight: 56.5g
13. container: metal

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voice recorder S100

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Mini audio recorder that can be used to record an interview, a lecture at the University or a meeting, a conference or an interview just to give some examples. You can record what you want in a completely discrete way ... You can "place" it in the pocket of a jacket, inside a bag or under a desk just to give some examples. With S100 you can record audio reminders on the fly so as not to lose important information thus remedying the impossibility of being able to take notes in particular situations
8GB Mini USB Digital Voice Recorder 650Hr
Built-in Li-Ion battery, you can charge directly via USB PC or an adapter with DC5V output
can record from the normal home phone with included adapter. (This mode can not work on mobile phones)
VOR voice control recording
High-speed data connection with 2.0 USB, no need for help
USB support system: Windows 2000 and above, not for Mac OS system. (Not for Win 8)
battery (full charge): Recording: up to 30 hours: 192 KBP

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USB Flash Drive With Voice Recorder

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Apparently a normal USB stick, but when you move the side lever starts recording the sounds of the surrounding environment up to a distance of 3 meters, as it has a very amplified microphone. No noise in the recording phase as digital, perfect sound, clean and amplified.
Once Registered to listen to just any computer (Windows or Apple), Dvd Player, Tv, Smartphone or Android Tablet or even the car radio with USB input. The audio files are Wave type and can be played with any player or PC.
Given the size (6x2x1cm) and the amplified microphone, the microrecorder can be hidden anywhere without particular limitations: in the car, at home, in the office, inside objects, bags or even upholstery.
Easy use, Plug & Play, no driver needed - This will facilitate its use and the process of tapping stored files. In fact, just connect the recorder to your favorite device and soon it will be recognized as any other Pen Drive. At this point you can access and download your files.
Available in 3 models M01 standard model, the most widespread in the network, M02 model with high quality omnidirectional microphone capsule, and M03 model with blue sense capsule, microphone, MEMS microphone very high quality. Each file will take up very little memory space so you will not have the problem of having to download files continuously even after short recordings.

M01 Microfone standard N.D. 

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M02 Microfone HQ 
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M03 Microfone MEMS 
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USB Flash Drive With Professional VOX Voice Recorder

Voice audio recorder hidden in a 4GB USB pendrive with VOX.
PLUG & PLAY device: Does not require Driver and Software installation.
By inserting the pendrive into the USB port of the PC, you will then be able to listen to the recordings.
Retractable USB connector.
The files created are in WAV format.
Rechargeable lithium battery with autonomy up to 8 hours

Important note: The "pendrive" bug does not emit sounds and no illuminated LED appears.
The audio records are stored in the internal memory by 4 GB On Board that give the product a range of 70 hours of recording. The files will be played with Windows Media Player or any other player.
The use of the product is simple and intuitive, to start recording just turn it on using the on / off switch on the side of the device
Strengths of the product:
It does not require the installation of drivers or management software
Compatible with all Microsoft XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 10 operating systems
Rechargeable lithium battery with 8 hours autonomy
It can store up to 70 hours of recording
Small dimensions 64 W x: 20 x D: 7 (mm)
It can be used as a common pen drive for data transport
Why buy this product:
Have a micro audio recorder to always carry with you
Investigation activities;
Increase your security in risky situations;
Record conferences, meetings or lessons
Talks with employees
Arrange a bug bug with sound
Package contents:
Pen Drive Flash Audio Recorder 4 GB

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