Wall Microphone With Digital Recorder And Telephone Kit

Microphone for listening through floor doors walls walls and ceilings.
The contact wall microphone device senses the sound emitted (voices and noises even low or whispered) in the environment beyond the wall and amplifies it by 10 amplifying stages to bring it to a level of dB perceptible to the human ear.
For the various tones and tones of voices there is a trimmer in the microphone that adjusts the gain of the amplification stage.
The digital voice recorder also includes the telephone kit. Lightweight and compact, it has a very pleasant design and thanks to the very high quality and sensitivity of recording it is a very practical article for professional use, it allows to record audio, notes, and conversations of various kinds, besides obviously coupled with the wall microphone .
It is possible to listen to the recordings through the earphones (supplied) or through the speaker of the device. The accepted file formats are: MP3, WMA.
With the automatic voice activation function you can set the VOR function that allows the recorder to start recording as soon as you hear an acoustic signal. This function obviously makes it possible to optimize recording times by eliminating unnecessary pauses and, above all, by consuming less energy, particularly interesting if you want to record a conversation in a hidden way. The sensitivity of voice activation with this device, unlike many others on the market, can be regulated. With the telephone recorder function you can capture the audio track also coming from the data traffic of your home phone. By connecting the telephone line to the control unit (supplied) and then connecting the control unit to the recorder, the recording takes place automatically, as soon as the device notices the acoustic signal, using the VOR function above, eliminating in this case unnecessary pauses and battery consumption . Thanks to the MiniUSB cable (supplied) it is possible to connect the recorder to the PC and transfer files of any kind and use the voice recorder as an external mass storage just like a USB stick, thanks to the 8GB of useful internal capacity.

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